Friends (mation and alike)
Aaron Koressel
I am very proud of this mutherF*&r, cuase hes one i give the title genious. Extremely creative, and skillz to boot. Check out his reel!!! and other obsessions.
Chad Sellers
This duu can nubins pingPong like no utter. he was a "nicely placed" buddy at BLUE SKY as one of the quartet. Nick R, Kevin G, Jake P, and TheChad. Now he's getn krunk at DNA.
Spline Doctors
I learned most of what i know from these guys...Doctors. Lots of experience and honost feedback. Though they're easy to talk to, I get really nervous when i talk to them in person cuase I respect them so much. They're really humbling.
Tiffany Prothero
TProthero...illustrator extraordinare!!!! i dont know what to write here, shes my girlfriend. everything i can think of is either perverted or ...
Nick Rosario
My goodest goodest friend from AAU. He's not a hollaBack girl
OK OK.. start here. then go to the links section. for each link, check out that site's, links as well. that'll take...oh.... 2 hours, then go the the next one. and the next one. and the next one. and keep doing that for ... i dunno. along time. all the blueSky co-werkers i love,so i'll dedicate indivudual links, with detailed explainations about eachone's personality and why hugging is the most widely used form of expression. i'll give you the low down on such peeps as: Nick Bruno(damn funny), Tom Saville(holy crap), Paul Downs, Jen Downs, Guy Smiley, Scott Carroll, Rylan Davies(always cold), Mark Shmarris(im dirty), Derek Rozmes, Melvin Tan, Mat Simmons (top rock), Ben Sanders(long song PING PONG), and manyMore. Now... I see these awsome kids everyday, and many of them have updated there sites and added me and others to the list, but we dont tell eachother we've done so; and yet we talk to one another the next day like nothing happned.kinda interesting. SO....wouldn't it be funny to hear gossip here. im gonna pretend like i didnt type this stuff so maybe one of them will bring itup when i see them next. games are fun.
Stephen Wong
Stephen and Jen & friends were hosting "Kung Foo" night back in San Fran. Catch? yes. they were the worse movies ever yet so bad they were ... good-er-ific-ly-est.
Morgan Loomis
Morgan is be friend since p-1 class. Good rigger too. he be in new class mine too. :)
Dan the Modeler
Do you need a model of agiant squid? Nurb him a phone call.
Cory Rodgers
A mation buddy of mine from school. He's got kewl t-shirt designs. Buy them NOW!
Leif Jeffers
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhYE-AH! Part of the Mation Gang.
Greg Towner
This guy is sexy. And, as if that wernt enuff. He does 2d, 3d, and...4d. OH, and he loves peanuts, so send him your love.
Robin Luera
OK. im not random. this girl is. Oh, and she gets picked on for being really good at making stuff move.
Dori Arazi
I've werked with this one. Didn't realize he went to the same skewl as me. How...american of me. hahah. i love this kid.
Jean-Denis Haas
The Professional. We have a mutual respect, and mutual friends in common. He moves boxes and furniture really well. give him a call. His number is...
Nye Warburton
A buddy from class thats super kewl and way talented. His short film "Magnetism" is rockn.
Julian Palacios
A determined internet pal with tons of motivation learn'n it up in Florida. YeeHaw.
My rad buddy Scott that I've worked with for years sells bikes, skates, and skateboards online. Did i mention hes an awsome programer and how treasured he is for giving me some web space? : )

Animators of Dopeness
Cameron Miyasaki
A great animator with brilliant simplicity.
Victor Navone
An animator I've followed online for the past years.
Carlos Baena
This animator has great stuff.
Mark Behm
Some nice animation tests, both 2d and 3d with koo character designs.
Paul Downs
Animation dialogues and character performances.

CG Sites
CG Channel
The online computer graphics and FXs magazine with news, forums, and galleries.
Death Fall
Another online cg magazine through the eyes of another with news, forums, and galleries.
3D Total
Another online cg magazine through the eyes of another with news, forums, and galleries.
A kewl forum with news and gallies.
Animation World Network
Great site for animation news of all kinds and lots of animtion reference.