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MAY 25th 2009
I added some some updates to my animation reel, some stuff from "Horton Hears a Who" and ... A link to Pixar's "UP" which we just finished a few months ago. Blue Sky Studios was a lot of fun, and I can't wait to have just as much fun here at Pixar.

February 11th 2007
I posted a few of my favorite shots from Ice Age 2. I decided on thumbnails instead of clips to persuade people to buy the DVD . . . but changed my mind and added clips anway. We're now working on Horton Hear's a Who. It's gonna be a lot of fun to work on the characters and push some crazy poses.

November 10th 2006
Updated a few things. I decide to show my last school anim WIP of Peg Leg. I wonder if my personality comes through on this site? any poop.

August 27th 2006
Added some links to friends, and the infamous Aaron Koressel!!! check out the links section. Was thinking about throwing up some IceAge 2 shots soon, if i can pull them together. holla.

October 27th 2005
Added a link to SplineDoctors. Dr. Stephen G., Dr. Billy, Dr. Gordon, Dr.Mike V., Dr Angus, Dr. Sclark, have all helped a nugget load. They're pretty much the foundation at the AcademyOfArt University for excellent Animation. So check they're BLOG for good frivolous facts.

Sept 4th 2005
OH - i guess
animation would be a relevant update. DONE. more news you ask? DONE. I .. have .. a ..JOB! where the Sky Is Blue.So now i can afford new shoes. What size shoe? You already know. or send me your shoe and i'll keep it. AT WERK - yes! send me your shoe, and i'll keep it in my office. i need to decorate it, and what better way then with other peoples shoes!! then i'll post pics about it.Ok well just email me a photo of your shoe, and i'll put that up on my wall. suite. Peeps at Blue Sky Studios are really awesome, and so is the work. Also, me and my buddy buddy AAron KoressMe hahha. Aaron Koressel are putting up our Geek site Soon. so if anyone who still looks at this part of the Internet (east side, i just gestured) , Come back soon for more info on GeekFest 2005 live from Street AVE. Also in Local News, T.Prothero (my hotty girlfriend) put up her website of ill illustration, along with more of my friends that rock at animation and rock at throwing rocks. wrock.rrock.wrok.krok-pot.

Feb 14th 2005
Woohoo its Valentines Day. I love you. So I added more links to friends. Im really starting to get into programming again, so i may have a few experiements up in a little while. Im diggn me some Java right now!

Nov 28th 2004
Heres a log incase anyone is actually reading this. Lately ive been really into expressing ones personal opinion and visions. Ive been learning animation for a while, and ive learned a lot of techinical stuff. I really want to express my self now. Going to school is like learning the language. Now i need something to say. And i need to get my thoughts together, otherwise i'll be animating a jumbled sentance.
My shortFilm of a Goat continues....

Aug 30th 2004
I added new links to my bestest buddies. Most of them are animators and the rest are CRIMINALS! I just finished a summer of working at Giant Killer Robots. It was Super fun and i met a bunch of really great people. Back to school with only 2 more semesters. I'll be starting a short film, so be prepared for the ultimate cheese.

May 26th 2004
New Animations, and new links..

Jan 26th 2004
New Animations added to the Animation page, and more links to my favorite sites.

Nov 29th 2003
New Animations added to the Animation page.

Oct 6th 2003
Finally I got this thing up. It took me about 3 months to do so but i got it :) hopefully you'll all enjoy the wonderment that i have instore for you over the next few years untill i graduate. muahhah !!!

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